Our modern and effortless silhouettes, Short length, long length, sleeveless or long sleeve a line dresses are our signature wardrobe classics. Shop our latest collection of dresses in new jacquards, colours and textures.

Vigorella dresses are beautifully and uniquely designed with a woman’s curves in mind. Dresses are designed to add a feminine touch to our wardrobe and a beautifully fitted dress that contours the body is the pinnacle of elegance.

Our dresses are created from lightweight and soft fabrics so they drape effortlessly.

Organic cotton with a hint of Elastane creates firmness and accentuates shape.

Our Merino blend lends itself to warmth and breathability. Our Soy blend lends itself to a silk like handle and drape. With the added nylon fibre in these exclusive fabrications they are perfect for year round wear. The nylon yarn gives both our soy and merino blend fabrics amazing performance, luxurious handle and durability.

Dresses give every wardrobe a touch of femininity.