The Vigorella brand

Vigorella Collections are designed with a modern woman in mind.  No matter what age or size you are, the Vigorella team believe that all women should have the opportunity to buy clothes that make them feel special and fashionable.
Each Vigorella collection offers a range of timeless pieces that can be added to your wardrobe to create a chic and timeless collective.  

Women of all ages enjoy wearing our beautiful fabrics and designs.  Women appreciate the fabulous colour range and the unique fabrics and textures offered.  All of our pieces either in our classic, lifestyle or limited edition collections have a relaxed, soft and flattering handwriting.

The team believe that investing in a wardrobe is like investing in yourself.  Buying items that work back together and can be styled together to create looks that are unique to YOU.  Vigorella the brand understands fashion, style, colour, and quality.  VIGORELLA is proudly made in Australia. 

The Vigorella Journey

Body change, career change and personal change were the triggers that led to the creation of the label.  My lifestyle demanded comfortable clothing, affordable luxury and style.  I wanted clothing that would reflect my personality and that I believed of many other women.  

The Vigorella story started with an idea 20 years ago.  


This was a new concept for many people and one that has taken many years for the team to market and promote.  Today, I am proud to say that the capsule dressing concept has been successfully embraced by 1,000’s of women across the globe.  

I started by creating a collection of pieces that would work back together to make dressing easy, quick and interesting.  Creating a wardrobe filled with loved pieces and must haves or go-to pieces as I lovingly refer to them.  I wanted to create pieces that would and could be worn year in and year out.  I refer to them as quality investment pieces that wouldn’t date and would stand the test of time.  

The capsule began with a canvas, me.  I began with basics and then added layers of texture, colour and drape.  The garments worked back with each other and collectively created a picture, a unique and fun look.  Seasonal classics and on trend colour added the interest needed to create new and fresh looks.  

The key to Vigorella’s success is "staying true to the brand”.  Understanding our customers needs, understanding the importance of using quality fabrics and delivering consistent product has kept us moving forward. 

Vigorella has stood the test of time and is still proudly made in Australia.  A solid foundation and manufacturing transparency has always been important.  Working closely with our fabric suppliers, knitting mills and manufactures continues to give us an edge. 

As a husband and wife team of 20 years the vision is to always deliver the best.  A committed and energetic team keeps the brand evolving and developing.  Wonderful stockists and loyal customers are the ones who make this all possible.

Vigorella – for today, tomorrow and forever.