Vigorella tops are designed to be worn.  It sounds silly, but how many times has a piece of clothing been purchased and never worn. Our aim is for you to LOVE our garments.  Wear them all the time and make them your go to pieces, your must haves and favourites. Our tops are designed with a busy woman in mind.  They are comfortable, with flattering necklines, sleeve length and body length important elements in the design and creation process. The stitching is soft as we try not to have too much bulk, because bulk adds heaviness to the item.  The neck line needs to flatter.  It may be a v-neck, undulating V-neck, round neck, scoop neck, boat neck or skivvy neck.  All these neck lines are considered when designing because it is extremely important that the correct neck line fits the style. Sleeve length is equally a highly important element because we either want to show or cover our arms.  Our shoulders are the sexiest part of our body because they don’t show wrinkles and the ONE thing that woman over 30 worry about are wrinkles. Sleeves can be singlet, tank, capsleeve, cold shoulder, elbow sleeve, ¾ length or full length.  A multitude of lengths but all uniquely important because the design can be seasonal and sleeve length is important.  The sleeve length always connects back to the neck line. Lastly, the body length is important because if the length of the top is too long it takes away from the shape of the top.  Too short and the balance is out. Vigorella tops are designed to be balanced as neck line, sleeve length and body length all integral elements in creating the perfect top.  

Our iconic essentials.  A range of women’s tops effortlessly combines quality fabrics and styles to your wardrobe.  Update your look with our fresh modern colours in tanks, t-shirts and long sleeve tops.