Vigorella pants are designed to be comfortable and flattering. Our aim is for you to LOVE our pants.  Wear them all the time and make them your go to pieces, your must haves and favourites. Our pants are designed with a busy woman in mind.  They need to be comfortable and they need to flatter your body shape.  There are many elements that go into creating a perfect pant that will remain a wardrobe staple because they FIT and FEEL GOOD. Firstly the choice of fabric is critical.  Our pants need to have an element of stretch because we are always looking for comfort in our everyday wardrobe.  Denim, Bengaline, Ponte, Viscose, Cotton or Linen are all fabrics that we love to use.  Denim is a year round staple as is viscose however bengaline, cotton and linen lend themselves to the summer months. Ponte is a heavier weight and is used during the winter months. The critical element about a pant is that it fits your body.  It shapes itself to your body.  Your curves are unique to you and a pant needs to accommodate itself to your size and that is where the stretch element comes into play. Pants can be a fitted skinny leg, straight leg, relaxed street pant, dropped crotch pant or harem pant.  All shapes have their unique style and lend themselves to creating a look.  Your outfit is dictated by the style of pant that is chosen for the time of day and for the occasion. Pant length is also an important element as this adapts itself to the season and your body shape.  Full length, 7/8 length, ¾ length, Capri or shorts.  

Vigorella pants fit, feel good and you will be wear them for seasons.  

The perfect pant is all about FIT & FABRIC.  Keep it classic in our iconic skinny leg Ponte or bengaline or modern and urban in our viscose harem and drop crotch pants.  For a twist add our check Ponte