What to wear when you don’t know what to wear!

September 28, 2020

What to wear when you don’t know what to wear!

I’ve got nothing to wear?

Now how many times have you caught yourself saying those words?  Sometimes it’s tricky because you’re not in the mood or you can‘t be bothered getting ready to go out.  It’s too late, it’s too cold, I’m tired etc etc.

That’s why I always recommend that you buy a few staples or “go to” pieces so when you are feeling flat, fat and blah you reach for those items and create an outfit that you feel comfortable wearing.  

Feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit will always outshine uncomfortable fashion.  If you are comfortable you will wear your outfit with confidence because it’s familiar to you.  Having easy go to outfits for both day and night are important for every woman’s wardrobe.  Keeping it simple is key.

How do i choose those Outfits?

We always have an area of our body which we like to hide or we like to show.  It could be upper arms, thighs, tummy or bottom. Whatever you are trying to hide or highlight make sure you choose items that work for your body shape.  I like to say “embrace and love your body and be kind to YOU”.  Equip your wardrobe with staples that work for you!  Fitted pants, loose pants, wrap dress, v-neck or scoop neck tops and dresses, colourful prints or no prints.  It’s an individual choice with no rules and no boundaries.  The number 1 rule of thumb is that your clothing fits you and suits you.  Choose your colours and shades carefully as you want these items to be timeless and classic.  

My Vigorella "go to" pieces are:

Autumn/Winter Vigorella staples

  • VB032 - cami in black, navy and nude (this is my everyday garment)
  • VE021 - v neck long sleeve top in black, navy and off white
  • VW624 - v neck wool blend top
  • VE036 - curved hem long sleeve top
  • VP020 - high waisted black Ponte pant
  • EM001 - coated black and navy 7/8 pants
  • VE014 - dropped crotched pant in navy and black
  • VTEX087 - Sport hoodie in black and navy
  • VTEX088 - Sport pant in black and navy
  • VA020 - reversible scarf in black and navy
Spring /Summer Vigorella stables
  • VB032 - cami in black, navy and nude
  • VE019 - viscose tank in black, navy and off-white
  • VPT039  - v neck stripe top
  • VBC014 - Asymmetric bamboo/organic cotton dress in black and khaki
  • VMM003 - v neck maxi dress in black and navy
  • VOC011  - v neck cotton dress
  • EM001 - coated black and navy 7/8 pants
  • VE014 - dropped crotched pant in navy, black, khaki
  • VOM003 - long open mesh duster

What if my outfit looks out dated and out of fashion?

You can make your outfit current by mixing the accessories.  On trend seasonal colours in accessories can be an inexpensive way to be on trend and look current.  By mixing the accessories you will give your look an instant lift.  For example big and bold earrings with a fun scarf can change the look and feel of an outfit with little effort.  You can transform a winter look to a spring look quickly by changing the colour of your scarf.  You can also change the texture and weight of a scarf.  An earring style or a shoe change can turn an outfit from casual to evening easily and with little effort.

So no more excuses on not having anything to wear.  Mix and match and have with your wardrobe.  


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