Vigorella the Melbourne based brand created by husband and wife team in 2003.  With a Design, Marketing and Corporate Finance backgrounds they set out to create a concept woman’s fashion brand.  The capsule dressing concept was new in the market place and this creative concept has taken many years for the team to promote and market.

Today the brand has been successfully embraced by 1,000’s of women across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. The brand and their associated agents sell each seasonal collection to boutiques and lifestyle stores in each of these markets. Vigorella’s success stems from its aptitude to challenge changing trends and focusing on quality and timeless classic designs.  The ready to wear and ease of wash and wear have always been associated with the brand.

The founding Vigorella values are comfortable clothing and affordable luxury style. Fashion that is a reflection of the wearers personality.  Women want to buy clothes that make them unique, fashionable and feel comfortable no matter what their size or age. Each Vigorella Collection is created with a variety of ageless pieces that can be added to the wardrobe to create a chic collection.

The strategy behind the brands success is “staying true to the brand and its customers”.  Understanding the customers needs, understanding the standards of quality expected and offering reliable products has kept Vigorella successfully positioned and continuously moving forward.

Vigorella has stood the test of time and is still a very sort after brand.   Strong business values with a transparent blue print is of great importance to the team. Vigorella works fairly with its fabric suppliers, knitting mills and continues to achieve superior business partnerships.

Business integrity and a harmonious working environment continue to play an important role in the business today.  The founders continue to work in the business they founded many years ago.  They both continue to travel to be inspired by international lifestyle trends.  Consumers buying behaviour has evolved however the company continues to operate with a traditional mindset of high standards in customer service and delivery of goods.

Vigorella, one piece is never enough.

Enjoy! X