Layering 101

August 28, 2020

Layering 101

Layer for fun or layer for flair, whatever your reason LAYER with attitude!

Vigorella the brand began creating the capsule wardrobe 16 years ago.  Versatile pieces that could be worn together to create a layered look.  Colours, textures, hem lines and finishes all blended together to give you the creativity to own and create your own look.  We have always believed that there are no boundaries or set rules to layering.  You play with your pieces to create outfits that are styled for you.  Outfits that make you feel fabulous, unique and original.

Layering allows you to be creative with your wardrobe and your clothes.  Layering allows you to hide your belly, your arms or your bottom.  I love layering because it allows me to have fun and it gives me permission to be unique with my style. 

How to get started?

I like to start with a base layer.  This base layer I call my canvas piece.  Usually a fitted piece of clothing i.e. Cami, long slip, fitted pant or legging.  VB032, VB031, VP003, VP020 or VE007.  Once I have my base layer or foundation piece.  I then put on layer 2.

Layer 2 is usually a less fitted top, tunic or dress.  A garment that gives me shape without being too fitted.  I like to keep this layer tonal with my canvas piece.  VOM019, VOM020, VB103, VW374, VW681, VW652.

Layer 3 and 4 – These layers are loose / dramatic pieces that brings your outfit together.  They add drama with more flow, drape and softness.  Once again either in a tonal colour, complimentary colour to layers 1 and 2. VOM002, VOM003, VOM020, VW625, VW626.

Layer 5 finishes off the outfit!  This can be either an accessory for example scarf, belt or headscarf.  It can also be a long cardigan or coat.

Below you will find a fun and informative video of me using many Vigorella pieces to create a layered look. 



Layering should be fun, effortless and chic.  Utilising multi pieces of clothing to create looks that softly drape and flow on your body.  Layering is perfect for travel, trans-seasonal dressing or when you want to look and feel unique. 

Enjoy your wardrobe and have fun layering.

Love always,

Jenny x