2004 - the beginning

July 30, 2020

2004 - the beginning

When I decided to create VIGORELLA in 2004, I wanted to create a women’s clothing brand and product that was going to suit my changing body shape.  A clothing brand that I would be proud of and happy to market. 

There were a number of key factors that were extremely important to me.  I wanted to use beautiful stretch fabrics with natural fibres, I wanted quality finishes, comfortable designs but most importantly I wanted my product to be MADE IN AUSTRALIA.  

The Made in Australia fixation has always been questioned.  I have always believed in knowledge and controlling what can be controlled.  If I was delivering a product I wanted to ensure that I knew what I was delivering to the end customer.  Production must be as per sampled as customers have an expectation.  Making locally not only supported the Australian manufacturing industry but it also ensured that our end customer was receiving a monitored, heavily QC’d garment that was made with transparency and as per sampled. 

I wanted to offer a product that I would want to buy.  A fashion product that I could trust and a clothing brand that would understand my needs as a 30 plus year old woman and new mother. Therefore, I partnered with a mill who offered quality merino, organic cotton and quality fibres which was important to me. Making sure that they could deliver a consistent product because consumer trust and expectation was paramount to VIGORELLA’S success. 

Partnering with manufacturers who believed and followed VIGORELLA’S same ethos of transparency and quality in manufacturing and finish was also important. I am still working very closely with one of our original makers here in Melbourne. I continue to have a great working relationship with them, built purely on respect and success.

I am so proud of the VIGORELLA journey as the brand has been loved by women around the world.  VIGORELLA clothing is comfortable, classic, quality luxury, affordable and is still MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

Now in my late 40’s I am still wearing VIGORELLA.  My body continues to change and VIGORELLA continues to be a part of my journey.